Why this website?

Being known, getting new collaborations, exchanging, sharing knowledge and research works, being useful if possible… overall COMMUNICATING, more and better…

Great scientists are, I think,  great scientists because not only they are pure genius regarding science innovation and acquiring fundamental knowledge, but also thanks to their communication skills.


Naturally, the 1st reason to create this website is about me: sharing my work in the scientific community, attracting (if possible) more people and more interests about our topic and scientific activities, building new collaborations and new projects at different levels (students, research experts, professors, project partners, engineers, users and citizens), stimulating exchanges and new ideas, obtaining new knowledge and fruitful scientific results. The more collaborations, the more constructive debates we have, the more ideas we manage to implement and test, the more knowledge we acquire, the more happy I am.


Nevertheless, there is a another and non negligible 2nd reason: communicating about our work, in our field, to a maximum number of people.

“Producing knowledge” on our environment, physics, chemistry, and all the elements that surround us is probably the primarily role of scientists. At least, this is why some (all?) of us will answer you if you ask us the question. Although I agree with it, I believe this should not be separated from communicating this knowledge.

Because of the amount of fundamental knowledge they acquire, their value for society, and their short-term / long-term / direct or indirect effects on social changes, scientists are responsible to share their acquired information and, to communicate about their impacts. There are numerous examples of communicating science to effect social change that have transformed the world.

Charles Darwin, 119, & Albert EInstein, 248, published books and papers (source: http://ian.umces.edu/learn/science_communication)

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” A. Einstein

But how to communicate? More, and (mostly!) better! The goal is not only to say what we do, but also to give the right information, at the right level for the public, simple but not too simpler, understandable with only the necessary details. With the goal that we get the whole “organized participation” actively involved in the exploitation of the produced knowledge, and to make it beneficial for our society.

How to communicate?


Organized participation


As a scientist, I have had the opportunity to write very technical reports and peer-review papers to disseminate my work in the scientific community. But, because I am enthusiastic about my research work, because I trust the usefulness and value of this topic for my colleagues and our society, because I am worried about our world, its future, and what I hear sometimes around me or from some people with high responsibilities, I want to contribute to the transmission of some non-falsified facts and reference information. This is why then I decided to start this website. This is not a pretension of changing everything going wrong, but at least I want to be part of this transmission of knowledge at my own and very little level. Hope then you will like it, and find it useful.

Please keep in mind this website is not in a finished state, and has to be regularly updated, corrected. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to communicate about any information missing, start a new collaboration, build or contribute to a project together, debate, or if you see any mistakes / errors! I would be glad to correct them.


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