Why teaching?

Being involved in satellite atmospheric retrieval activity requires a combination of different skills:

  • Some technical skills: e.g. scientific programming (MATLAB, python, Fortran 90, C …..), being able to process big data set, visualizing parameters of interest;
  • Some scientific skills: what is a measurement (e.g. satellite spectrum)? What does it (not) contain? How to interpret it (for atmospheric, but also other purposes, such as land surface)?
  • And last but not least, some communication skills: reporting work status, acquiring some autonomy, taking initiatives, effectively presenting, report writing.

This is why then I have been involved in some teaching activities, in addition to my research, at university level: to share the need and my (personal) ways of acquiring these skills. Furthermore, all these teaching tasks have allowed me to either strengthen or acquiring new (technical-scientific-communication) skills that are necessary, every day, for my research works.

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