Teaching experience

Here below s a list of my main teaching experiences (assistant, field-work supervision, assignment designs, report corrections etc,…), excluding specific student projects:


2014-2017: Land-cover classification based on satellite surface reflectance

Assistant in Geostatic & Remote sensing (from May to July each year). Design of the field-campaign assignment “Land cover classification based on LandSat-7, LandSat-8 and Sentinel-2 surface reflectances”. Supervision of ~80-100 students during 10 days of field campaign (each year) in Le Vercors, France (coordinators Dr. Roderik Lindenbergh & Dr. J.C. (Jan Kees) Blom), Bachelor 2nd year Applied Earth Sciences, TU Delft, The Netherlands.

  • WebPage summary field-campaign for years 2014-2016 here
  • WebPosts of announcement field-campaign 2017 here and here
  • WebPost of seasonal vegetation cycle observed with Sentinel-2 here, and successful end of field-campaign 2017 here


2014-2016: Simulation & Visualisation – atmospheric radiative transfer modelling and NO2 satellite observation

Assistant (November each year) in classrooms (coordinators Dr. Tim Vlemmix & Dr.ir. Hans van der Marel), Master 1st year Geoscience & Remote Sensing, TU Delft, The Netherlands.

2015-2016: Matlab programming

Assistant (from September to November each year) in classrooms (coordinator Dr. Tim Vlemmix)”, Bachelor 2nd year Applied Earth Sciences, TU Delft, The Netherlands.

A session of MATLAB classroom with the students and Dr. Tim Vlemmix
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