Sailing hobby

When not working, there are plenty of activities that I enjoy doing:  swimming, race biking (top in a country like the Netherlands!), travelling, reading (history, politics & fantasy), supporting some charity organizations (e.g.Restaurants du Coeur” & “Medecins du monde” in France), regularly giving my blood and sailing.

Interested to exchange about sailing or co-organising coastal or off-shore travels? Contact me!


Why sailing?

Quite a lot of reasons: an original way to travel around the world and to discover very new and unexpected beautiful areas, facing different challenges out of routine, to reach zones beyond continents, meet new people and cultures, build new teams and keep realizing how much team spirit is crucial for every single journey, fun, adventures, and a lot of funs again …. In fact, sailing is 1 (among several others) of the greatest sources of inspirations for my daily scientific and research activities!

Sailing experiences in a nutshell

  • 1st time sailing in 2010. Long-term sailing training in coastal (since 2011) and off-shore – open ocean – areas (since 2012), by day and night, moderate and strong wind
  • Day skipper (August 2017) and Coastal skipper (August 2018) qualifications, Royal Yacht Association (RYA), from First Class Sailing in Southampton
  • Short-range certificate for VHF marine radio qualification, French agency of frequencies (ANF), Paris, March 2016
  • 1 week captain initiation with MACIF – France, 2015
  • Competent crew – Level 4 – acquired with the French “Les Glenans” sailing school 2011-2013
  • Organiser and skipper of some sailing travels in French coastal areas, co-skipper (2nd mate) of small off-shore travels (France – United Kingdom)
  • Several practices and initiations to beginners on lakes, the Netherlands

Sailing travel highlights, with pictures

Solent area (United Kingdom – close to Southampton) on Viola, August 2017

Kaag lake (the Netherlands), 2014-2016 with my great friends from CiTG in Delft, and the Hague

Cherbourg (France) – Alderney (UK) on Phil Marie, September 2015, with my great and close friends Vincent Vionnet, Carole Legorgeu & Erin Moores

Dubrovnik Hvar (Croatia) on Pina Colada, June 2015 with the great people of Naleia

Cherbourg (France) – Poole (UK) on Phil Marie, April 2015

Concarneau (France) – Isles of Scilly (UK) on L’Amiral, 2013

ConcarneauLa Rochelle (France) on Sereine, 2012

Baltimore area (Ireland) on Chihuahua, September 2011

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