Past activities

This page lists my past employment history. Associated links are available below for more details on the achieved activities. A detailed CV can be found at the bottom of the page.

2013.12 – 2018.01: Geoscience and Remote Sensing (GRS) department, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Netherlands

Research fellow (PhD to be awarded in September 2018) within the ATMOS group of GRS and in strong collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) satellite department

Research activities: Global mapping atmospheric composition from space – Retrieving aerosol height and tropospheric NO2 from OMI

More details here

2008.07-2013.11: NOVELTIS, scientific R&D engineering company (~50 employees), Earth space-borne observations – Labège Innopole, France

Atmosphere Level 2 Unit Coordinator (since 2012)

In support of the Space department leader and the Production Manager, coordination of the Atmosphere Level 2 team (6 engineers):

  • Internal communications and regular reporting on activity and team status
  • Contribution to activity developments in support of the engineers
  • Planning and team workload management

Research and Development (R&D) Engineer (since 2008), Project Manager (since 2010) in the Space department

The main tasks included:

  • French and European Earth observation project achievement, management, report writing, respect of deadlines and project costs, meeting presentations and consortia coordination
  • Proposal writing in response to calls for tender issued by European and French space agencies (ESA, EUMETSAT, CNES) with and without consortia
  • Interactions with French and European scientific partners (LSCE, LATMOS, LPMAA, IUP-UB, ULe, KNMI, ULB, SRON, MPI-BGC, Empa, LA, HCMR)

List of the activities and more details here

2008.01 – 2008.07: NOVELTIS, scientific R&D engineering company (~50 employees), Earth space-borne observations – Labège Innopole, France

Intern, Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry team – Atmospheric remote sensing from IASI over heterogeneous surfaces

  • Evaluation of a surface classification scheme devoted to IASI observations over heterogeneous scenes by analyzing AVHRR imager radiances
  • Retrieval of temperature profile, H2O and CO2 – Carbon dioxode total columns from IASI spectra, acquired over heterogeneous surfaces, based on the optimal estimation method (OEM)

2007.05 – 2007.06: CESBIO (land surface research laboratory), Toulouse, France

Intern – Land surface and vegetation remote sensing over dry areas

  • Improvement of vegetation classifications over land, in the case of low vegetation covert
  • Focus on North Africa in the context of fight against desertification
  • Application of NDVI vegetation index to satellite images: Spot Vegetation, MERIS and MODIS


CV (September 2018) available here


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