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Save the date – Next S3VT on 10-12 March 2020 at EUMETSAT, Germany

Recent findings from OMI Aerosol Layer Height Neural Network at EGU 2018 by GRS – TU Delft and KNMI

Neural Network, NO2 and aerosol height retrievals at the next 20th OMI Science Team Meeting at NASA, USA

5 days of large exposure of OMI, TROPOMI and air quality innovation developments from GRS & KNMI at the TU Delft research exhibition 2017

OMI, TROPOMI & air quality activities at the TU Delft 2017 Research exhibition – The largest scientific expo of the Netherlands – 06-08 June 2017

OMI aerosol layer height Neural Network algorithm at EGU 2017!

Aerosols, clouds, and our OMI work at the 3rd NASA A-Train symposium!

OMI aerosol layer height Neural Network at the NASA A-Train symposium & EGU 2017

How to fight against big (and complex) data set Neural network vs. conventional methods

Science, facts, opinions, trust….the impossible combination?

Urban Air Quality symposium in Delft – Presentations on-line!

Seminar @TU Delft – Where are the aerosols?

Successful & inspiring Urban Air Quality Symposium in Delft

Urban Air Quality symposium in Delft – 2017.02.17

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