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Clouds with Copernicus Sentinel-3 SLSTR over Amazonia

How many truckloads for carrying a typical “boomerang” Saharan dust over the Atlantic?

Saharan dust transport over Gran Canaria islands & Cabo Verde

Biomass burning in Central Africa: NOx, CO & aerosol animations from Sentinel-5 P & SUOMI observations

Retrieving aerosol height and tropospheric NO2 from OMI – Ebook Thesis online!

Seeing electricity energy through night-time pictures

Just another Day on Aerosol Earth by NASA – A well-done picture highlighting the very diverse aerosol types and their heterogeneous distributions!

Ocean remote sensing

Must read – A warning from 15,000 world scientists

Preparing TROPOMI to join OMI in space in Autumn 2017

Neural Network, NO2 and aerosol height retrievals at the next 20th OMI Science Team Meeting at NASA, USA

Measuring CO2, temperature and humidity in our office

“Our house is burning and we are looking somewhere else” said French president Jacques Chirac in 2002 – Fires from Canada to Greenland in 2017

UK & EU’s Earth observation space – COPERNICUS – No Brexit!

Improved temperature dataset from satellites show a faster warming of our climate

Homepage updates

Counting down towards the launch of TROPOMI

Fighting carbon emissions from space – A clear presentation video from American OCO-2 PI

New KNMI brochure on atmospheric satellite activities, with some GRS TU Delft projects

Europe day: no atmospheric space activity without European collaboration

EPA website update… Climate facts & personal opinions

Dust storm next to the Death Valley park (USA) – An example of aerosol transport!

Aerosols, clouds, and our OMI work at the 3rd NASA A-Train symposium!

New book: climate atlas and challenges due to warming climate

Volcanoes on Sentinel-2 and OMI satellites watch – First global emission maps!

Satellites and atmosphere pollution measurements – 2 nice videos!

New page CH4 – Methane!

Science, facts, opinions, trust….the impossible combination?

Impressive Chile wildfire smoke from satellite GOME2!

New paper published! – OMI aerosol height over land from the O2-O2 visible absorption band, based on neural networks

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