Atmosphere composition


This page lists the main variables related to the atmosphere composition, that we try to observe from satellite measurements. This list is likely not exhaustive, and primarily (but not only) focuses of variables of interest associated with my past and current research activities…” More details here


Aerosols are small and complex chemical mixture of liquid and solid matter suspended in the atmosphere: i.e. particles and droplets, depending on their aggregation state. In practice, referring to aerosols include then both particles and its surrounding medium. They play an important components of Earth’s climate system…” More details here

CH4 – Methane

CH4 – Methane is the second most important anthropogenic greenhouse gas in the Earth atmosphere. In spite of its global lower concentrations than CO2 – Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, one CH4 molecule has a green-house power 21 times warmer than one CO2 molecule. Therefore, methane accounts for 20% of the ‘enhanced greenhouse effect’…” More details here

CO – Carbon monoxide

CO is an important gas used as tracer for air pollution and with large connections to climate. It has a relatively long lifetime (a few weeks to a few months depending on latitude and time of year)…” More details here

NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a member of the Nitrogen oxides group (NOx = NO + NO2), which plays a key role in tropospheric chemistry regulating the level of ozone and therefore maintaining the oxidizing capacity in the troposphere. NO2 is an extremely reactive gas (lifetime of a couple of hours)…” More details here

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