Public release of Collection 3.0 Copernicus Sentinel-3 Near Real Time Aerosols

Copernicus Sentinel-3 Near Real Time (NRT) Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) (550 nm) – Collection 3.0 – exclusively by EUMETSAT.

At EUMETSAT, we continuously evolve our satellite products: an iterative cycle of Science => Operational => Science => Operational… to enhance the quality.

Very happy to announce the public release of Collection 3.0 of the Copernicus Sentinel-3 Near Real Time (NRT) Aerosol product, operationally available from 3.11.2022 on-wards!

We have worked hard the last 12 months to address new developments expressed by some of our users, or identified from expert analyses on our side. Everything is described in our webpage & user product notice. Check out here.

Additional documentation (updated ATBD & Validation report) to be published very soon!

A major achievement is the design and implementation of a new classification – Naive Probabilistic – mask (cloud, snow, aerosol) to increase the coverage of aerosol events over oceans & as highlighted by our colleagues from the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS).

Additional achievements are:
– the implementation of a Quality Indication (QI) ranking system per aerosol pixel.For example, previous animation show the best QI (= 3).
– the improvement in vegetation and bare soil modelling allowing a reduction of a bias over all land surfaces.

Check out all new maps, on EUMETSAT METIS website. And report us your feedback. We continue some evolution. Stay tuned for new works coming in the next quarters!

Overall, a joint work achieved internally at EUMETSAT, in partnership with Swansea University thanks to the Copernicus / EUMETSAT ACES project.

Big kudos to all EUMETSAT scientific, system engineers, and operator Colleagues for their involvement in this operational deployment! And great thanks to all experts who have listened to our ideas and give us feedback and endorsements such as the Sentinel-3 Sea and Land Surface Temperature (SLSTR) Quality Working Group (QWG), Sentinel-3 Validation Team (S3VT) Atmosphere, and CAMS!

Let’s continue our partnership!

More information:

  • Announcement of Collection 3.0 of Copernicus Sentinel-3 NRT Aerosols here
  • METIS platform – Live images of Copernicus Sentinel-3 NRT Aerosols here
  • The Copernicus program from the European Commission here
  • Sentinel-3 Atmosphere portfolio led by EUMETSAT here

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