Harmful air pollution from Western Europe fires in July 2022 – With Copernicus Sentinel-3

Fires in Western Europe, Spain, France (e.g. Gironde and La Teste De Buch) are not only dangerous for the immediate surrounding population. But their emission of fine particles aerosols is of high concern. These smoke pollution can spread over long distance & impact on human health.

Sentinel-3 NRT Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) 550 nm from the operational Copernicus Sentinel-3 NRT processor OSSAR-CS3, led by EUMETSAT.

Here an illustration with Copernicus Sentinel-3 Near Real Time (NRT – i.e. < 3h) Aerosol product from the EUMETSAT OSSAR-CS3 processor.

All information at: https://eumetsat.int/S3-nrt-l2-aerosol-product-collection-2-released-soon.

Public pictures available at #METIS: https://metis.eumetsat.int/aod

Stay tuned for the coming Collection 3 this Fall 2022!

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