Seeing electricity energy through night-time pictures

Night-time pictures of of 2018.10.07 observed by the NASA SUOMI NPP VIIRS sensor. Credit NASA Worldview Earthdata

I am never tired of watching at night-time pictures from NASA SUOMI satellite worldview. We can directly observe how much our western societies depend on electricity.

While the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) report just got released, and stresses the urgency to act extremely quickly for limiting the global warming close to 1.5 deg, one should keep in mind that the worldwide electricity sector is one of the highest source of CO2  – Carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere. Do we want to keep our lights on? Let’s ban then coal gas & use electricity sources with low CO2  – Carbon dioxide emissions (including nuclear!).


More information?

  • The last IPCC report here
  • NASA-NOAA Satellite Reveals New Views of Earth at Night here

One thought on “Seeing electricity energy through night-time pictures”

  1. Sounds a good idea but we need to use less electricity and that must imply limits to growth as the club of Rome has been advocating for decades. Distribute wealth more evenly and cut back on the constant innovations of technology.

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