More than 20 years of satellite NO2 observations!

More than 20 years of Tropospheric NO2 satellite observations that we have now thanks to the great investments of Europe and all scientists. An example with the month of March GOME on ERS-2 (from the European Space Agency ESA) in 1998 & TROPOMI on Sentinel 5-Precursor (from Copernicus) in 2018. Maps are from TEMIS website.

Analyses of the trends is possible but overall a challenging and sensitive task. Over 20 years, very different sensor techniques, instrument specificities & degradations, variable pixel sizes, cloud detection possibilities etc… A lot of works to harmonise these data!


More information?

  • TEMIS website here
  • The European Copernicus program here
  • The European Space Agency here
  • NO2 – Nitrogen Dioxide WebPage here

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