Research / Science Homepage – Already 1 year! Thanks!

More than 1 year ago, I decided to share a bit more my on-going scientific activities. At that time, I was mostly working on OMI, aerosol layer height and tropospheric NO2 retrievals with my great colleagues at the Geoscience and Remote Sensing department of TU Delft. Now, I am at EUMETSAT working on Sentinel-3.

In a world that is continuously evolving, and where it is very difficult to find adequate information about our environment and used observations, my only hope was to share some news about my  topics of interest (trace gases, aerosol, air quality, climate), get more reliable information and increase (if possible) my network. I must admit that I was initially a bit skeptical.

But the numbers that I have now somehow surprise me: 3091 visits last year from some 1147 visitors. Since January, already 1127 views from 550 visitors! This may look very little for some people. But for me, this is quite significant! I have no idea whether people really got interest in my work and/or website, or just found a bit by chance some of the webpages.

What is for sure not a coincidence: 96 people connected with me via Twitter, most of them / you that I don’t really know, and regularly exchanging scientific news with me. And about 56 posts posted alone or with some friends!

I don’t know who you are, and whether you found my HomePage by chance. But for all the scientific news and exciting exchanges that I have, thank you! In spite of my restricted time, I will keep updating this Homepage and my Twitter account on a more or less regular basis!

The Earth observation science journey, using satellites, continues!

Towards new horizons!



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