Preparing TROPOMI to join OMI in space in Autumn 2017

Loading Sentinel-5P (Source:
S5P leaves UK
Moving Sentinel-5P on its way from Airbus Defence & Space in Stevenage, UK, to Standsted airport (Source:

Finally, that’s official! TROPOMI, on-board Sentinel-5 Precursor, the 1st European operational satellite mission devoted to air quality, ozone & climate monitoring, should be launched within the next weeks. And this looks very impressive!

What are the new signs? The Sentinel-5P campaign kicked off, the satellite left UK to Russia some days ago, and several media allow to follow it (through ESA blogs and Twitter accounts). All of these new elements have appeared just some days before our very soon 20th OMI Science Team Meeting focused on the last 13-year developments and data sets.

Let’s keep the fingers crossed that OMI can continue to fly and acquire new observations together with its successor TROPOMI. Autumn 2017 promises to be a very exciting season for our community!

More information?

  • TROPOMI WebPage here
  • OMI WebPage here
  • Sentinel-5P launch campaign kicks off on ESA blog here
  • Farewell to Sentinel-5P on ESA blog here
  • The 20th OMI Science Team Meeting WebPage announcement here


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