UK & EU’s Earth observation space – COPERNICUS – No Brexit!

OMI data tracking NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide emissions which come in large part from motor vehicle exhausts (OMI / KNMI)

This is good news! The collaboration between all European countries is of great importance to continue to ensure major step forwards in Earth observation scientific studies using satellite measurements. And the statement of UK to stay within European Union’s Copernicus Earth observation programme after Brexit is therefore more than welcome!

Sentinel-5 Precursor at Airbus in UK (Source:

Airbus UK contributed a lot to build TROPOMI. We are all exited, and looking forward to the forthcoming launch of Sentinel-5 Precursor mission, which includes the TROPOMI instrument. TROPOMI will allow the mapping of key air gas pollutants (e.g. NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide, CO – Carbon monoxide, SO2 – Sulphur Dioxide, O3 – Ozone etc…), aerosol particles, and climate green-houe gases (i.e. CH4 – Methane). This first operational European atmospheric space-borne sensor, within the COPERNICUS program, will acquire these images at an unprecedented spatial resolution of 7 km, compatible then with large urban areas.

More explanations are given in the interview given at BBC News by Dr. Pepijn Veefkind, Principal Investigator (PI) of TROPOMI, from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and Delft University Technology – GRS department. See the link here.


More information?

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