Water quality from space – Measurement campaign along Dutch monitoring lines by Eva Stierman

Scheveningen slowly disappearing on the horizon: picture by Eva Stierman copied from here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/water-quality-from-space-eva-stierman

Check out the article here from Eva Stierman, our GRS – TU Delft student, doing a measurement campaign along the Dutch monitoring lines for validating the water quality products delivered by satellite observations.

Eva is doing her Master thesis at Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) & DELTARES, with GRS – TU Delft, to validate Sentinel-3A OLCI level-1 and level-2 data products with in situ measurements of RWS. She recently left, from the harbor of Scheveningen, for a measurement campaign at several locations in the north of the Netherlands: the Rottumerplaat, Terschelling and Noordwijk monitoring lines.

Have a successful campaign Eva!

More information?

  • The article of Eva available here
  • Eva student profile here
  • Students projects that we have followed or supervised with our group at GRS – TU Delft here


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