Homepage updates

Quite some updates the last weeks on my research homepage. Feel free to check them and comment!

  • A new page hast been created in the “Atmosphere composition” section: CO2 – Carbon dioxide:What is CO2? How is CO2 produced? Who are the largest CO2 emitters? Why shall we observe atmosphere CO2? A typical CO2 satellite map? Some reference CO2 satellite missions / products? More details here

  • We have gladly collaborated at GRS – TU Delft in our group with some students on very interesting projects related to atmospheric composition, air quality remote sensing, satellites (e.g. OMI, MODIS, CALIOP, Sentinel-3), climate and neural networks. Check here!
  • A new section Events highlight available here
  • A WebPage on the past ESA project SIROCCO achieved with my NOVELTIS colleagues and European consortium here
  • Update links of reference websites (used or for just more interests) here

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