Vesc field-campaign 2017 – Sentinel-2 false colour composites close to Vercors area

3 color composites over the Vesc -south-east French region, by combining Sentinel-2 bands, based on surface reflectance acquired on 2017.04.03: left) “natural-like” 4-3-2, middle) “standard false colour” 8-4-3, right) “natural-like” rendition 12-8-3

As part of the land cover classification during the Vesc field-campaign in France (Vercors, south-east of France), TU Delft Bachelor students will have to analyse the spectral reflectance proprieties of each surface type.

Performing some false colour composites, by combining different spectral bands of Sentinel-2, will give us some first hints about the different land covers, their spatial distribution and to define some reference classes.

The picture below depicts 3 types of false colour composites in this region:

  • the first one is the “natural colour” band combination (RGB 4-3-2)
  • the second is “standard false colour” composite (RGB 8-4-3), a very popular band combination useful for vegetation studies
  • and the third provides a “natural-like” rendition (RGB 12-8-3), popular for geology, agriculture and wetland studies.


What do all these colours tell us about our region? Which land covers seem to be easy to distinguish from the Sentinel-2 observations?

Stay tuned! We should find the answers within the next weeks with our students!

PS: a small cloud is hidden somewhere in all these images. Are you able to find it?

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