New KNMI brochure on atmospheric satellite activities, with some GRS TU Delft projects

Front page of the KNMI-RDSW brochure on atmospheric satellite observations (Source:

Check out the new brochure of the Royal Netherlands meteorological institute (KNMI) on the atmospheric satellite activities. Our Geoscience & Remote Sensing (GRS) department is strongly involved with KNMI on the following described activities: tropospheric NO2 and other gaseous pollutants, OMI & TROPOMI, dust and smoke, determining surface emissions.

And we are preparing the future with TROPOMI, the 1st operational European satellite missions based on the Dutch initiative, to fly on Sentinel-5 Precursor, devoted to air quality, ozone and climate objectives.

More information?

  • Brochure KNMI R&D satellite observations here
  • GRS – TU Delft department related to air quality and atmospheric satellites here
  • The Ozone Monitoring (OMI) mission here
  • The TROPOMI mission here

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