TROPOMI in Delta TU Delft magazine


The TU Delft magazine, Delta, interviewed Dr. Pieternel Levelt about the future air quality & climate satellite sensor: TROPOMI. TROPOMI is the direct successor of OMI and will enable the observation of diverse trace gases (NO2, CH4, CO etc…) and aerosols at the 7x 7 km2 spatial resolution. This interview was done during the last Urban Air Quality symposium event.

TROPOMI was built by the Dutch space industries and will be on the ESA Sentinel-5 Precursor platform as part of the operational COPERNICUS program. Its launch is expected soon in 2017.

Expectations for these large amount of data and its use by regulation agencies, provided that European regulations are well adapted, are high!

The Delta magazine of March can be found here.

More information on:

  • TROPOMI here
  • The ESA Sentinel missions here
  • The European COPERNICUS program here

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