EU concerned about air and water pollution: an example with the Netherlands

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When mentioning the term “pollution”, we usually think about China or India. And yet, European states are not exempt from some issues. Even in the Netherlands…

In its last Environmental Implementation Review Country Report, the European commission has recommended us to improve water (nutrient concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus due to Eutrophication) and air quality (NO2 and O3). One of the main reasons is the traffic. Major metropolitan cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague were all in the top 12 worst cities for traffic congestion and pollution within EU.

For the year 2013, the European Environment Agency estimated that about 11,530 premature deaths were attributable to fine particulate matter concentrations, with an additional 270 to ozone concentration and over 1,820 to nitrogen dioxide.

In spite of all these warnings, “The Netherlands has long been a leader in environmental policy, and scores very well when it comes to compliance with the EU rules on drinking water quality and waste water treatment.” (cf. EU Environmental Commissioner Karmenu Vella).

What can we do then? To reduce pollutant emissions, traffic rush hour, to continue to lead the various green initiatives and to pay more attention to national nature works.


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